Sunday, December 23, 2007

Merry Christmas

Jim and I would like to wish all of our relatives and friends a wonderful Christmas and a blessed, healthy New Year! We are enjoying each others company knowing it is just for a week but realizing next year we will once again be together, we just don't know the exact time it will all come together. We are meeting alot of our neighbors and town people and everyone is making us feel welcomed and are very helpful giving us much needed advice. I am enjoying my job and co-workers and now I am finding places to volunteer/join so I can meet more people. Jim has been very busy cleaning up, de-clutering, cleaning out, and getting the house ready to sell. I have the better end of this endevor but can't wait till the whole transition is over and we can start traveling around here and getting to know the sites.

With Love from Sunny Georgia,
Jim and Laura

Jim says" from the peach and the pit".

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