Sunday, December 23, 2007

Merry Christmas

Jim and I would like to wish all of our relatives and friends a wonderful Christmas and a blessed, healthy New Year! We are enjoying each others company knowing it is just for a week but realizing next year we will once again be together, we just don't know the exact time it will all come together. We are meeting alot of our neighbors and town people and everyone is making us feel welcomed and are very helpful giving us much needed advice. I am enjoying my job and co-workers and now I am finding places to volunteer/join so I can meet more people. Jim has been very busy cleaning up, de-clutering, cleaning out, and getting the house ready to sell. I have the better end of this endevor but can't wait till the whole transition is over and we can start traveling around here and getting to know the sites.

With Love from Sunny Georgia,
Jim and Laura

Jim says" from the peach and the pit".

Christmas and alot of work has been done!

Pretty soon it will be ours. Jim came down for Christmas and was surprised and happy with the progress since he was down here a month ago.
Just letting you see the lay of the land.
Screened in porch then kitchen window and garage.
Back of house, we like the walk out basement.
Standing on the soon to be screened in porch and looking down the hallar (or for those up north) down the hollow.

Its Looking Like a House!

Our kitchen and eating area which exits to the screened in porch.
The bay window in the sun room in which I will do all my reading!
The fireplace in the living room and behind it is the sunroom and the kitchen to the left.
Spare bedroom anyone?
Front door.

Saturday, December 1, 2007

House Update


Starting to Look Like a House!

My builder's trailer, I think it's cute.

Standing in living room looking to kitchen on left and sunroom behind fireplace.
Eating area on side of kitchen.
Screened in porch off kitchen.

Thanksgiving Day

The mountains were just magestic looking while Jim and I were enjoying our Thanksgiving Dinner in a State Lodge.

What perfect scenery to gives thanks to our creator and saviour!!!!!

Sunday, November 4, 2007

House Update

Well, this is week one and they did alot of work. At least we have the start of a basement. You can see where our basement will be a walkout and there will be a door and windows and will have a nice view as the slope continues.


This is the location I work at in Dawsonville.
The front of the building, no that is not my car!
Entrance way, note no handrails on steps, I'm trying to correct that.

Typical Gym except I have lots of windows that acctually open!

This is the therapy crew, not so typical but alot of fun, yes it is oz and I am the wicked witch!

Monday, October 22, 2007

Dalonega information

Just so everyone can find us. Kind of small so you just have to go on map quest yourself.

Old town square that is refurbished.

The town reminds me of Medina.

Its a college town.

North Georgia College.

Beautiful mountain scenery all over.

Streams, waterfalls, lakes and lots of Federal and State Parks.

Hope this gives an enticing overview so you will take a vacation here someday.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

This is my street and as you can see we are at the top of the mountain and the street slopes down quickly.

First Pictures

This is our property in Dahlonega, Georgia!

Not much to look at yet but in three months I'll be moving into a house. At least that is what the builder said, we shall see.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Starting Out

Well, this is my first blog sight. I guess I better figure out how to post pictures on it so I can share them with my freinds back in Ohio. I'm going high tech!